How Does the Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Facial recognition – you may have heard about it, especially if you are into new innovation and technology. It helps to recognize a human face with the use of technology. It uses biometrics to map the facial features from a photograph or video. If you have used the latest smartphones, you may have unlocked your phone by looking at the front camera. That works by comparing your face to match the information your phone has in its database. Facial recognition has found many uses, but it has also raised privacy concerns. could help you take control of your personal information while also utilizing other benefits.

How facial recognition works?

We are usually good at recognizing faces and could easily identify our friends and family members from far away. When our brain recognizes a face, it deduces facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth and other parts. Facial recognition technology also uses a similar technique, but on an algorithmic scale. Although technologies may vary among brands, some of the basic steps are mentioned below.

A picture of your face is captured in a form of photo or video. You might have to move your head in a different direction, especially if the software has the capability of 3D capture and rendering.

The facial recognition software may begin to read the geometry of your face. Some of the key aspects include the distance between your eyes and the distance from your forehead to chin. The software might also identify major landmarks of your face which help to distinguish your face from others. This process creates data which is collectively called facial signature.

Now, whenever a new face is to be recognized, the software will compare your facial signature with the database. If the match is found, the authentication will be successful.

How to protect yourself against facial recognition?

Many experts believe facial recognition can be used by governments and private companies to track individuals. It can also be used by marketers and advertisers to target people based on their gender, age, and ethnicity. In addition, it is not recommended to have your personal information stored by companies without your permission. In order to minimize such a risk, you could follow the steps mentioned below.

The apps that you use on a daily basis may have to option to opt out of its facial recognition system. Facebook also has this option under Privacy settings to turn off the automatic tagging feature.

You should always be careful about what you share on social networks and avoid posting your personal information including pictures. The unwanted sharing of your confidential details may lead to identity theft.

There are also settings to disable facial recognition in various devices including iPad, Xbox, and other video systems.

Finally, you should secure your router and connected devices with antivirus software from

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